November 29, 2023
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10 essential tools for photographers

essential tools for photographers

If you recently bought a mirrorless or DSLR camera and have experienced shooting with such cameras, you are probably planning to upgrade your equipment in the next step. In the following, we will get to know ten essential tools for photographers:

You probably won’t need many of the things you see on the market, but having some camera equipment is essential for any shoot and will help make your life as a photographer easier. But what is the necessary photography equipments and gadgets to start working and teaching?

1- Camera bag

Camera bag - essential tools for photographers

If your camera is relatively small and you only use one lens, you might think you won’t need a camera bag, but if you want to take care of your camera, you will most likely need one. A camera bag is one of the essential items to protect your equipment from rain and dust. In addition, since you will be expanding your lenses and other equipment in the future, you should use a camera bag to make it easier to transport the equipment.

A camera backpack is one of the best things you can use to carry your camera on long journeys. But when you want to take your equipment, you should take the bag down from your back. As a landscape photographer, you know well that this slows you down.

On the other hand, shoulder bags make it easier for you to access essential photography equipment, but because all the weight of the bag falls on one shoulder, it can bother you on long journeys. Sling bags are the latest suggestion, combining backpack convenience with shoulder bag speed.

In general, choosing the right bag depends on your personal needs. But before you decide what kind of bag you need, it is better to see what equipment you plan to use.

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2- Tripod

You might think that a tripod is one of the essential tools for photographers, but having a tripod is not as important as having a camera bag. However, a tripod is also necessary, and you need a tripod to keep the camera at a certain angle and completely stable. A tripod helps you take sharp, detailed photos.

The last thing to check when buying a tripod is to make sure it’s up to your eye level while still being close to the ground. The tripod you buy should give you enough flexibility to work at any angle.

Tripod - essential tools for photographers
10 essential tools for photographers

To be able to use your tripod quickly enough, it is better to get a tripod that uses clip locks. These locks help you to open your tripod very quickly. In contrast, twist locks take up much less space and are a much better choice for when you want to carry a tripod with you

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Our suggestion: Travel Tripod 5-section Aluminum 

3- tripod head

tripod head - essential tools for photographers

If using a tripod, another essential tools for photographers is a tripod head. The tripod head is a metal piece responsible for connecting the tripod and your camera. Along with many of the tripods you see in the market, the head is also offered. But depending on your needs, you can buy the appropriate tripod head separately. Sometimes it is better to purchase a tripod and the head separately.

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The ball head is usually more popular among photographers because you can use it at unusual angles. Also, this type of head is much easier to use and suitable for most styles of photography except landscape photography. According to landscape photographers, ball heads perform weak when you want to angle the camera up and down while keeping the horizon in the picture.

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Our suggestion: Trexo Tripod Ball Head

4- Remote shutter

If you are interested in long-exposure photography, you are probably familiar with the value of the remote shutter. Even if you have installed the camera on a tripod, the shake caused by the camera touch can be evident in your photos. Therefore, it is better to use a remote shutter to activate the shutter without touching the camera.

Remote shutter - essential tools for photographers
remote shutter 2 - essential tools for photographers

You can also use the remote shutter as a bulb timer. Bulb mode allows you to keep the shutter open for longer than 30 seconds. You can also use the remote shutter for time-lapse photography and take several different photos.

Some other photography equipment, such as Ioshutter and TriggerTrap dongles, allow you to control the shutter through your phone.

There are two types of remote shutters: IR and wireless. Using wireless remotes, you can use your camera from further distances. Because you are not physically attached to the camera, camera shake is much less.

Our suggestion: Flashpoint Wave Commander Remote Shutter Intervalometer

5- External flash

External flash - essential tools for photographers
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The flash inside your camera helps to increase the light a little, but by using the external flash, you can take much more beautiful photos. You can mount the flash on the camera shoe and use it remotely.

This option is another versatile photography equipment, and you will come across different models in the market. But to increase the simplicity of your work, it is better to choose a product that supports the light metering system of your camera to control the amount of exposure automatically.

If your budget is limited, it is better to buy a manual and non-automatic flash.

6- Flash diffuser

Flash diffuser - essential tools for photographers
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An external flash gives you more light, but sometimes you use a softer light. Sometimes a plastic sheet can make a big difference and help soften the environment light and make the subject look better. There are different diffusers in the market depending on your needs.

7- More lenses

More lenses - essential tools for photographers
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 In normal conditions, a standard zoom lens with a focal length of 18-55mm is available with APS-C cameras and 24-105mm with full-frame cameras which is one of the essential tools for photographers.

While such a lens is good to start with, you need a wide lens for landscape photography and a telephoto lens for sports photography.

8- Lens hood

Lens hood - essential tools for photographers

If you have the right lens but don’t use the lens hood, you should purchase it. A lens hood is one of the perfect photography equipment that shades the element in front of your lens, protects it from elements like rain, and reduces the effect of flare significantly.

9- Lens Filter

Lens Filter - essential tools for photographers

The filter allows photographers to perform at their best in lighting conditions and other possible problems. For example, polarizing filters remove reflections and increase image contrast.

At the same time, ND filters allow you to shoot long exposures during the day and blur clouds and flowing water to capture the landscape in a minimalist way. You can also use ND filters when you want to shoot with a relatively open aperture during the day.

There are two different types of filters in the market: round filter and square filter. Round filters screw onto the front of your lens, and you should choose a filter that fits the dimensions of your lens. On the other hand, square ones go into a holder in front of your lens.

Each of these filters has its weaknesses. For example, it is easy to use circular filters, but their size must exactly match the size of the lens you have. On the other hand, you can use square filters regardless of lens size, but they are difficult to use.

10- Lens and sensor cleaner

Keeping your camera and photography equipment clean is one of the essential tools for photographers and that’s why having a blower can be very effective in removing dust from your lens and camera.

We also recommend having a sensor cleaning kit. Although many DSLRs and mirrorless cameras use built-in cleaners, a lot of dirt can get into your camera and cause problems.

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